Noe Caulet, born in 1998

Amateur self-taught photographer, based in Lausanne VD (CH)

  Images Noe Caulet is an online gallery which presents the photographs & art-works of the artist Noe Caulet. Here are exhibited the sub-galleries "Urban Candy", "Heure pour Oeil", & "Unseen Nature".

(© Credit photo : Domons Thomas)

  He became passionate about photography from the age of 15. His first photos were taken with an iPod until he was offered his first camera. He then discovered a whole world that was unknown to him. Since then, his desire to improve and learn new techniques has only increased tenfold. It is therefore through a totally self-taught approach that he managed to provide you this content today.

Images Noe Caulet V.10 (3500px) white Am

Because some things can be expressed only through images.

"This represents my vision of the world".

Confronted to the same horizons and the recurrent everyday things, imagine the impossible, perceive the imperceptible and capture the invisible. Those are the elements that animate and inspire him.

"Thanks to them I learned to take a new look at the world and I try to transcribe it through these images."

An Alternative to how you could see the world :

Urban Candy logo V. B16 (3500px) white H

Urban Candy :

Urban and Human Photography.

  The human is not immortal, and in order to free himself from Time, it builds and creates.

Among those constructions, int cities, where they live, what they do and think, their artifices, making and artworks, creation and Destruction are what these images are focused on.

"I think so I am. The human is what it does and creates. It is with this thought that I photograph what it thinks"

Heure Pour Oeil redesign v.07 (3500px) w

Heure Pour Oeil :

Experimental Arts, Lightpainting 

  When classical photography is not enough anymore.

The desire to create, limited by the physical reality and its dimensions; The Night and the Darkness become the canvas of the impossible, whose Light is the paintbrush. Because photography is only "writing" with light, it has a limited vocabulary to describe the world. The art of "painting" with the Light has unlimited movements to work with, its only limit is the imagination.

"Lightpainting, the exquisite art of manipulating light, represents what classical photography has never known and will never know how to do, Pure Creation."

Unseen Nature v13 (3500px) white Metropo

Unseen Nature :

Landscapes, Wildlife and Nature.

  Because one doesn't think to interest himself into it everyday, the Nature is way too unexplored.

The one that one does not know with its own eyes conceals an unsuspected, magnificent and fascinating world.

"From hidden geometries to unknown colors, to the harmony of bizarre phenomena, the complexity of small things and the simplicity of the big ones, Mother Nature has a lot to show us."

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